Grip Shifter

A few years back, I jerry-rigged an old grip onto the shifter of my truck.  It was all good and fun, but fell off constantly between the duct tape, cardboard, and beer can shims that I wedged in there to hold it on.  After finding out we had access to the 3D printer school, I took some measurements and modeled up a collet that I hoped would do the trick.  Excited, we printed it up and slapped it on, finding that it fit like an old glove!

ProE Model

3D Printer


Not Enough Chips

Steezey Vibes

Homies Homies Homies

Too Much Steeze - Ray and Keeg, y'all rule!

Wally on his game!

Had To Do It

Good Vibes Good Rides

Wally Gettin His Grips Dirty

I Love Whistler

Dem boys holdin it down

Simon and Ray in Whis-Town